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Professional packing services

packing services provided by Packing Service Guys include boxing, wrapping, packing and sometimes unpacking customers belongings. On hiring home packing services Packing Service Guys will not be liable for boxes hired by other packing services companies. Depending on size of ones home, all items can be put in boxes and can be moved at shortest time possible. If you are short of time, hiring a home packing services company like Packing Service Guys will save you your time



Packing Service Guys charges packing services depending on the volume of goods being moved. Also the time taken to pack the items by Packing Service Guys will determine pricing of the packing service. Hourly rates may be charged for offices or students moving to new hostels.


Benefits of home packing services

Proper packing requires a lot of time which could not be available. packing services provided by Packing Service Guys save you a lot of time as we have the professional skills. We also save you the burden of acquiring the packing boxes and packing up every room including the kitchen

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Packing Services

Quality packing services

A packing service provider should ensure they give quality packing Packing Service Guys we ensure to have trained personnel to handle a diverse range of products for our customers.

A packing service provider like Packing Service Guys have our own delivery vehicles that offer prompt delivery. We also have good customer care services to ensure satisfaction to the customer. A home packing service provider should have well trained staff members in order to perform a remarkable job. Packing Service Guys is committed to the best customer care services in order to have a friendly environment with our customers.

Packing Service Guys has strong relationships with its suppliers to ensure any equipment that will be used during packing can be delivered on time. The suppliers also provide boxes that will be used for home packing services. The boxes are of high quality so that goods packed inside will not fall off.

Efficient packing

At Packing Service Guys we understand that packing can be quite stressing and tedious. We therefore advocate for customers to use the tips provided below for stress free packing while moving;

Keep all valuables together to avoid damaging some while packing. Jewelry, glass material. Photographs, art pieces, and books should be boxed up together and be kept in a conducive environment.

Invest in quality boxes to avoid dropping of items in the boxes. Packing Service Guys provides boxes at discount to all movers. Reach us on 888-215-6249 to get more information on discounted products that other home packing service providers do not offer.

Start packing as soon as possible. Packing Service Guys offers packing services on earlier days prior to the moving day. However customers are advised to pack personal belongings that are not in use early to save time

Make lists of all items in the boxes to avoid misplacing goods being packed. Reliant home packing service providers should provide inventory lists to its clients. Packing Service Guys ensures all customers have inventory lists to make packing services more attractive.

Heavier and larger things should be put in the truck first followed by the smaller and lighter stuff. Packing Service Guys has noted this simple tip is often forgotten by most people. Also, items should not be tapped directly because the tape is likely to leave mark. packing services should be inclusive of polythene papers where electric cables and plugs can be put to prevent them from getting moisture.

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